/Cloud 101: AWS for Dummies - Your 1st Date with Cloud!

Cloud 101: AWS for Dummies - Your 1st Date with Cloud!

Anshul Tiwari

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 Career Boost: Unlock new career opportunities by mastering cloud basics and AWS fundamentals.
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Are you ready to step into the world of cloud computing with Amazon Web Services (AWS)? Whether you're an IT professional looking to expand your skills, a non-technical individual aspiring to enter the dynamic IT landscape, or someone already familiar with other cloud platforms, our comprehensive course will guide you through your cloud journey and help you transform into a proficient AWS Cloud Practitioner.

Core Learnings:

Fundamentals of Cloud Computing: Gain a clear understanding of cloud computing concepts, benefits, and challenges, setting the stage for your journey into AWS.

Comprehensive AWS Coverage: Delve into every essential aspect of AWS, from computing, storage, and networking to security, database services, and more, ensuring you grasp the full spectrum of AWS offerings.

AWS Certification Guidance: Learn about the certification paths available on AWS, receive guidance on exam preparation, and access practice quizzes to test your knowledge and readiness for certification exams.

Key Highlights

Build strong cloud computing foundation

Comprehensive but easy coverage of AWS Cloud Platfrom

Key AWS services explained with theory and practical labs (Using GUI with No Coding)

Explore AWS Features and Services with DIY (Do it Yourself) approach

Build Confidence in AWS and Cloud computing Interviews

Get Ready for AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification as your next step

Join a Supportive Learning Community of Cloud enthusiasts

Get lifetime free career mentorship and counselling from me

What you will learn

Cloud Computing Fundamentals

Build strong understanding of cloud computing fundamentals for ex - Virtualization

AWS Essentials

Learn Amazon Web Services (AWS), the industry leader in cloud computing.

Interactive Learning

Engage with quizzes and interactive learning that reinforces your concepts

Career Boost

Equip yourself with AWS cloud knowledge that open doors to exciting career opportunities in Digital Cloud Space!

Exclusive Community

Gain access to our special Telegram community, connecting you with fellow learners and providing ongoing support.

7-Day Money-Back Guarantee

We're confident you'll love the course. If for any reason you're not satisfied within the first 7 days from course purchase, we offer a full refund.

Personal Career Connect

Stay connected with me for lifetime career coaching and mentoring for free.


Module 1 - Cloud Computing Fundamentals & Introduction to AWS

19 attachments • 1 hrs

Chapter1 - Welcome to the Course

What the hell is Cloud ?

Why Cloud can be a great career option for YOU ?

What makes Cloud different from traditional IT - 6 key benefits

Server Virtualization - Mother of Cloud Technology !

How we use cloud in 3 major ways - Cloud service models - Iaas, Paas, Saas

Understanding Cloud deployment models - Private, Public, Hybrid, Community & Multi Cloud

What is AWS ?

Backbone of AWS - AWS Global Infrastructure

Demo - Create your FREE tier account on AWS

AWS Console Walkthrough Part 1 - Accounts, Organization and Service Quotas

AWS Console Walkthrough Part 2 - Billing Dashboard

Demo - Create AWS Monthly Budget

AWS Console Walkthrough Part 3 - Security & Settings

AWS Console Walkthrough Part 4 - Regions, Widgets & AWS Cloud Shell

Module 1 - Home Assignment

Summary - Module 1

Module Quiz

Module 1 - Quiz Time

Module 2 - Core Services - Compute - Part 1

14 attachments • 1 hrs


What is EC2 Compute ?

EC2 key concepts - AMI, Instance Types, EBS

EC2 key concepts - Instance Store

EC2 pricing

EC2 Architecture

EC2 demo

Amazon Lightsail

Amazon Lightsail - Demo

AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Beanstalk - Demo

Bonus Lecture - Lets understand containers | 5 simple steps to create a docker container

Module 2 - EC2 Compute - Part 1 - QUIZ

Congratulations !

Module 2 - Core Service - Compute - Part 2

29 attachments • 1 hrs

Welcome Back Friends !

What are Containers - Quick Refresher !

What is AWS Batch ?

AWS Batch - Use Cases

AWS Batch - Key Components

AWS Batch - Workflow

AWS Batch - Demo

ECR - VMs vs Containers

Elastic Container Registry (ECR) - Container Workflow

ECR Features

ECR Demo

What is Elastic Container Service (ECS) ?

Container Orchestration on AWS

ECS Application Lifecycle

ECS - Key Components

ECS - Demo

Bonus Lecture - Kubernetes crash course: In less than 15 minutes

EKS (Elastic Kubernetes Service) vs Kubernetes

EKS - Features

How EKS works ?

EKS vs Kubernetes - When to choose what ?

Where to use EKS - EKS use Cases

EKS - Demo

What is AWS Lambda ?

AWS Lambda - Key Features

Lambda vs Beanstalk - When to choose what, I am confused ??

Lambda - Demo

End of Module 2

Module 2 Part 2 - QUIZ

Module 3 - Core Services - Storage

21 attachments • 1 hrs

Welcome to Module 3 My Friends !

What is S3 ?

How S3 works ?

S3 - Key Components

S3 - Key Features

S3 - Storage classes

S3 - Demo - Lets deploy a static website on S3

sample bucket policy for static website

What is S3 Glacier ?

S3 Glacier - Demo

What is a Gateway?

What is AWS Storage Gateway?

AWS Storage Gateway - Architecture

4 Types of Storage Gateway

Storage Gateway - Use Cases

Storage Gateway - Demo

AWS SnowFamily - Introduction

Lets Meet SnowFamily Members !

SnowFamily - Data Migration Workflow

SnowFamily - Demo

Module 3 - Quiz

Module 4 - Core Services - Databases

31 attachments • 2 hrs

Welcome to Module 4 My Friends !!

Database Basics - What is a Database ?

Database Basics - SQL vs No SQL

What is RDS?

What is a DB instance ?

[BONUS] 5 Basic Sql Joins - Every data beginner should know !

RDS - Operational Responsibilities

RDS - DB licensing

RDS - Encryption

RDS - Multi AZ Deployment

RDS - Read Replicas

RDS - Backup & Recovery

RDS -Demo

RDS Demo - Commands

[BONUS] What is nosql ? | sql vs nosql | Types of NOSQL databases - Explained with real life example

[Bonus] How MongoDB stores data | mongodb vs oracle

What is Dynamo DB?

Types of No SQL Databases

Relational Database vs Dynamo DB

Dynamo DB - Queries & Scans

Dynamo DB - Horizontal Scaling

Dynamo DB - Demo

[BONUS] What is a Data Warehouse - Explained with real life example | Datawarehouse vs Database

What is Amazon Redshift ?

Amazon Redshift - Architecture

What is In-Memory ?

What is AWS Elasticache ?

Relational DB vs Elasticache

What to Cache ? When to Cache ?

Elasticache - Use Case

Module 4 - Quiz

Module 5 - Core Services - Security & Identity

26 attachments • 2 hrs

Welcome to Module 5 My Friends !!

What is IAM ?

IAM Basics - Users, Groups and Policies

IAM Basics - What is an IAM Role ?

AWS IAM - Demo

(OPTIONAL) - Cloud IAM Basics | identity & Access management on Google Cloud Platform (GCP)

What is Amazon Cognito ?

How Amazon Cognito Works ?

Cognito Use Cases

AWS WAF - Intro

[Bonus] -What exactly is a firewall? how does a firewall work? - 5 basic firewall types

[Bonus] -Cybersecurity career roadmap for beginners - jobs, skills, certifications, free courses

What is AWS WAF ?

How WAF works ?

WAF - Use Cases & Examples

What is AWS Shield ?

How AWS Shield protects us from DDOS attack ?

What is Amazon Macie ?

How Amazon Macie works ?

What is Amazon Inspector ?

KMS - Symmetric vs Asymmetric Encryption

[Bonus] What is Encryption? Explained in 3 mins with war history ?

What is AWS KMS ?

Types of KMS Keys

KMS - Example Use Case

Module 5 - Quiz

Module 6 Prerequisite for AWS Networking - Networking Basics

17 attachments • 4 hrs

Why you should learn this Module ?

Networking basics (2023) | What is a switch, router, gateway, subnet, gateway, firewall & DMZ

What is osi model in networking? 7 OSI layers explained with real examples | osi vs tcp/ip model

What is IP addressing? How IPv4 works| ipv4 vs ipv6 | 5 types of ip classes | public vs private ip

What is subnetting ? How subnetting works ? What is subnet mask? | Explained with real-life exmples

TCP vs UDP | Basic difference between TCP and UDP protocols (simple explanation with real examples)

What is DNS ? How dns exactly works | Why DNS is the backbone of the internet? (2023)

Load balancing - What is load balancing in networking | How load balancer works? (part#1)

Load balancing - What is load balancing in networking | How load balancer works? (part#1)

What is NAT (network address translation) | How nat works ? | What are the 3 types of Nat

Proxy vs reverse proxy vs load balancer (2023) | Explained with real life examples

How Routing Works: The Basics, Protocols, and Real-World Examples for Beginners

http vs https | How SSL (TLS) encryption works in networking ?

How VPN really works? Understand Virtual private network in 5 mins (2023)

What is single sign on (sso) | How sso works with saml | SAML authentication with AD

Networking on cloud | What is VPC (virtual private cloud) - Explained on Google cloud platform (GCP)

Welcome to Module 6 My Friends !!

Module 6 - Core Services - Networking

27 attachments • 1 hrs


What is AWS VPC ?

AWS VPC - Key Components

VPC Connectivity - Part 1

VPC Connectivity - Part 2

VPN vs Direct Connect

VPC Flow Logs

VPC Demo - Part 1

VPC Demo - Part 2

What is Route 53?

DNS - Key Concepts

DNS/Route 53 - How it works ?

Route 53 - Demo

What is Amazon CloudFront ?

How CloudFront works ?

What is a AWS Elastic Load Balancer (ELB) ?

Basic components of AWS ELB

3 Types of AWS ELBs

AWS ELB - Quick Demo

What is API and API Gateway ?

Rest API vs Websocket

Difference between Rest and WebSocket APIs - Rest API vs WebSocket API

What is Amazon API Gateway ?

How Amazon API Gateway Works

Amazon API Gateway - Features

Module 6 - Conclusion

Module 6 - Quiz

Module 7 - Monitoring & Logging

14 attachments • 48.8 mins

Welcome to Module 7 My Friends !!

Module 7 - Intro

What is Amazon CloudWatch ?

How Amazon CloudWatch works ?

CloudWatch - Key Components

CloudWatch - Dashboards

AWS CloudTrail - Monitoring vs Logging

What is AWS CloudTrail ?

How CloudTrail Works ?

CloudTrail Events - Types

AWS CloudTrail - Features

CloudTrail + CloudWatch - Demo - Part 1

CloudTrail + CloudWatch - Demo - Part 2

Module 7 - Quiz !

Module 8 - DevOps on AWS

8 attachments • 28.96 mins

Module 8 - Intro

What is DevOps? Why We need DevOps?

Basics of Devops CICD Pipeline

AWS DevOps Tools - Overview

AWS CI CD Workflow

DevOps Pipeline - Revisited


Module 8 - Quiz!

Module 9 - AWS Well Architected Framework

12 attachments • 42.81 mins

Welcome to Module 9 !!


What is AWS Well Architected Framework ?

Well Architected framework - Real Life Example

Pillar 1 - Reliability

Pillar 2 - Performance Efficiency

Pillar 3 - Security

Pillar 4 - Cost Optimization

Pillar 5 - Operational Excellence

Pillar 6 - Sustainability

AWS Well Architected Tool - Demo

Module 9- Quiz !

Module 10 - AWS Cloud CHEAT SHEET (129 AWS Services Explained)

2 attachments • 4.34 mins

AWS Cheat Cheat - 129 Services


43 pages

Module 11 - AWS Career Path & My 2 Cents

5 attachments • 1 hrs

Introduction - Welcome to the Finale !!

AWS Career Path & Certifications

AWS Cloud Practitioner - Exam Details

My 2 cents !!

AWS Cloud Practitioner Certification (CLF02) - Where to get Mock Exams for FREE ?

2 pages


When you complete this course you receive a ‘Certificate of Completion’ signed and addressed personally by me.

Course Certificate


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About the creator

About the creator

Anshul Tiwari

Hello Friends ! I am Anshul Tiwari, a technologist and eduprenuer with over 17 years of expereince in various fields of IT, industry. I am a tech youtuber with over 350K+ subscribers on my channel IT k Funde .

My mission is to democrtize I.T. knowledge for everyone and make it easy for a techie as well as a non technical person to excel in an IT career.

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